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Why our team members love working at Calvetti & Company

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I chose Calvetti and Company because the combined experience between the employees and the salon's longevity prove the quality of care and attention they put into their craft.  You really can’t beat the view and atmosphere that Calvetti provides.  


Sytlist with Calvetti & Company since 2016

I use to come with my mom when I was younger and get my hair done with her.  I always thought it was a very fun and professional atmosphere.  Also, you can’t beat the view!


Sytlist with Calvetti & Company since 2015

I was most interested in the salon because it provided me an opportunity to perfect my skills/talent in the associate's program before I immediately started working on paying clients hair.  It also allowed me to take more time and understand the theories and laws behind doing hair. Upon coming in and doing a walk through with an educator, I noticed how happy everyone looks (even though the power was out).  How clean and organized everything looked and most of all the stunning view you got to enjoy in every area of the salon.  You don’t find anything like Calvetti and Company.  We are a family unit.  


Sytlist with Calvetti & Company since 2007

I chose Calvetti and Company because they offer an amazing training program to fine-tune your technical skills but most importantly your customer service and guest handling skills.  I was lucky enough to attend The Salon Professional Academy, a Redken School, so I felt right at home since Calvetti and Company is a Redken Elite salon and we can have Redken artist come into the salon to do fantastic continuing education from color to cutting and product knowledge.  I’ve been working here since May 2013 and can’t imagine working anywhere else.  The culture, atmosphere, and professionalism at Calvetti and Company makes us one of a kind.  


Sytlist with Calvetti & Company since 2013

I wanted to work at Calvetti and Company because I knew it was one of the best salons in Vero.  I wanted to work with the best.  I also knew that they had continued education and that was vital to me.  I love the team spirit and support that comes along with being a Calvetti employee.  


Sytlist with Calvetti & Company since 2012

I chose Calvetti because I used to get my hair done by Cathy, we talked about the intern program because I always wanted to do hair. Thought it was an awesome opportunity.  I learned so many things throughout the program to help me to become the stylist I am today.  


Sytlist with Calvetti & Company since 2016

I recently moved to Florida, and with nearly 11 years of experience in the beauty industry, I was searching for a higher caliber salon.  I was fortunate to find a position with Calvetti and Company and was even more grateful to know that they offer constant mentoring and education.  The amount of training and prowess offered with the company compares to no other salon.  I thought I had significate industry knowledge with all my years of experience, but each year I continue to learn and experience a renewed eagerness to continue my career within the beauty industry thanks for working and being a part of Calvetti and Company’s family.  


Sytlist with Calvetti & Company since 2014

I chose Calvetti and Company because of the wonderful internship.  It helps to prepare you for working in an upscale salon by teaching you new techniques to make you feel more confident.  It also provides you with a better skill set to ensure you succeed in your cosmetology career.  Calvetti also provides an incredible continuing education taught by top Redken artists from all over the United States right in our salon, to keep our skills up to date and always knowing the latest trends.  Calvetti is an excellent salon for anyone wanting to have a successful career, and that strives never to stop learning.


Sytlist with Calvetti & Company since 2016

Growing up in Vero Calvetti is pretty much the place to go.  My mom has been taking us here since 2000.  So I was always in and out of the salon.  Calvetti and Company began to feel like home.  It was a natural choice for me to make.  


Sytlist with Calvetti & Company since 2011

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