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Tier System

Part of Calvetti and Company's culture is a Tier system.  Each and every team member at Calvetti and Company has attained a certain level of accomplishment. A strict set of performance-based criteria determines each tier. Therefore, fees vary based on the service provider's tier.  As a guest, you will be able to choose a service provider that provides a consistent quality service at a price tier that meets your approval.  


At the heart of our tier system, is our associate training program. We work with young or "new to the industry" licensed professionals who desire advanced training before starting their career in the beauty industry. Each associate collaborates with an accomplished educator in the salon or spa to learn guest handling skills and advanced techniques. After successfully completing the nine-month program, the associate graduates to a Tier 1 service provider.  As the service provider grows, demand for their time, experience, education, abilities, and performance increase. As they meet and exceed the criteria for each tier, each service provider progresses along their career path to success. 


At the top tier, the service provider has come full circle when they become an educator.  As an educator, they can "give back" by sharing the wisdom, experience, and knowledge they have learned along their journey.  

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